Bronislaw Huberman

From child prodigy to hero, the violinist who
saved Jewish musicians from the Holocaust.

As a child, Bronislaw Huberman played his violin before kings and queens. As an adult, he became one of the greatest violinists in the world. Then Hitler came to power and Huberman decided to take action to help Jewish musicians escape from the Nazis. He made history by starting an orchestra in Palestine. This is the inspiring true story.

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Mandalay Hawk’s Dilemma

The United States of Anthropocene

Teenager Mandalay Hawk is the coolest, calmest, craziest juvenile delinquent you’ll ever meet. Until she and her pals can’t take it anymore. The year is 2030. The world is broiling. Global warming is causing havoc. Adults screwed it up. Kids have to fix it. There’s a march on Washington unlike any other, and then there’s rapping in the Oval Office to a captive president. KRAAP – Kids Revolt Against Adult Power. There is no choice.

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